Reach for a more fulfilling life

You know your mind is a powerful tool, but how can you learn to use it? You know your body has its own wisdom and ability to heal, but how do you activate it? You know your heart holds vast reserves of joy and inspiration, but how do you access it?

Mark teaches an integrated method of meditation, contemplation, transformation and physical practice to take you from where you are now to the life you know is possible.


Mark’s system of self-knowledge, purification and meditation removes the superficial layers to reveal your own innate wisdom and clarity.

When you’re not integrated, your mind pulls you in one direction, your heart in another, and your duties and responsibilities in yet another. Yoga and Qigong lead you back to your Essential Nature, to integration, so you can move confidently forward and create an authentic and fulfilling life.

Your body is sometimes called a temple, but it’s also your home. When your body becomes a source of pain or limitation, it’s hard to feel at home in it.

Ageing, injury or the unnatural demands of modern living take you further away from the freedom, flexibility and vitality that was once natural to you as a child.

Mark teaches powerful techniques to restore your body to its original blueprint.

Mark teaches simple, yet effective methods to achieve inner calm and release from mental overload.

You accumulate mental clutter every day. Over time, this causes stress, anxiety and diminishes your physical vitality. Learn to replace stress and mental clutter with peace and a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. 

What unhealthy or unproductive habits have you developed, just to take a break from your mind? Watching TV, playing games, eating or drinking…we all develop ways to “turn off” the voice in our head. Instead of turning off, why not tune in and learn to still the mind?

Your mind can become a sanctuary, instead of a place from which you need to escape. Yoga and Qigong help you turn off the seemingly non-stop chatter in your head, banish stress and anxiety, and release your unhealthy habits.