Yoga Is Your Life Accelerator

Static Qigong

SAT 8:30-9:45 / TUE 19:30-20:45

We open each class with a simple breathing technique and visualization sequence, followed by a set of 12 warm-up movements to prepare or “wake up” the Qi (chi) in your body. We will then do a classic sanding practice of Zhan Zhuang, “standing on a post.” This is a practice often done in a completely static posture. As we hold a posture, we use breath and awareness to encourage the muscles and surrounding connective tissue to let go of habitual tension. By doing this, bit by bit we can create a state of relaxation throughout the entire body.

Class will end with a standing meditation. In this meditation we consolidate the Qi that has been stimulated and gathered into the deep core of the body`s energetic center, called the Dan Tian, the “Sea of Qi.”

This practice is stimulating for the entire physiology of the body in a gentle way that activates and refreshes the organs and the lines of connective tissue – the fascia – that flow between them. At the same time, it enhances and supports a freer energetic movement of Qi through the energetic channels, the Meridians, which correlate with these same fascial lines of connectivity.

This practice is for all levels of Qigong experience.

Even if you have never experienced the practice of Qigong before, you are welcome to attend.


Bindu Class: Hatha Yoga + Meditation

SUN 10:30-12:15 
All levels of practitioners are welcome. This class combines movement and static postures to strengthen and stretch the entire body. Each class includes a psychosomatic theme to deepen your understanding of the connection between your thoughts, emotions, and actions. By doing this we can begin to truly experience Yoga, “conscious harmony”. This class ends with meditation practice to redirect the outer flow of awareness inward, and settle deeply into your renewed state of being.

Restorative Vinyasa Yoga

MON 11:00-12:15 | THR 19:30-21:00
This class is to release physical, mental, and emotional tension to create a more calm and quiet state throughout your day (MON) or prepare for deep and healing sleep (THR). We begin with simple breath and awareness practice to refresh and bring an ease of focus to the mind. Mid-tempo yoga postural practice centers on linking breath and movement in simple combinations of stretching and strengthening. This will help bring residual tension in the entire body-mind to the surface. We end with a restorative pose and pranayama [breath expansion] to allow that tension to disperse and prepare the body and mind for deep and restful sleep.

Align To Heal Yoga

SAT 10:15-11:30
Learn proper placement of your body to create a more healthy posture and ease discomfort. Focus will be on understanding your postural habits that keep causing discomfort and changing them. Students with injuries are also welcome to attend.

Please check to make sure the class you wish to attend is in session that day.

Classes are suitable for all levels of practitioners. If you need to modify poses, Mark is fully capable of offering you modifications.