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Cultivating Awareness Through Yoga (Kobe, Japan)

8 June , 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 10 June , 2018 @ 4:30 pm JST



Harness Your Awareness in Powerful New Ways!


06.08 Friday
1 Talk: Awareness as the Foundation of Life Practice

What is awareness?

In Yoga, it is not simply the state of being conscious, but a powerfully effective tool for life transformation.
In this talk, Mark will lay out the map of awareness as taught in the Yoga tradition, and provide you with some very simple yet powerfully effective ways to practice awareness in your own life. By understanding how to utilize your awareness more skillfully, you will increase your capacity to act in more efficient and effective ways in all aspects of your life.

06.09 Saturday
2 Asana: Foundational Awareness

How can I more successfully use my foundation in my practice of yogasana?

Most of us understand that the foundation of the pose is of primary
importance. While creating stabilization through the muscles is one aspect of a steady foundation, it is equally important to create fluidity in the joints as well. Not by simply stretching the joint by passively holding a posture. Instead, the joints need to be actively infused with this quality of fluidity. In this class you will learn how to do just that, which will prepare you for the afternoon session.


06.09 Saturday
3 Asana: Lightweight ~ The Paradox of Balance

How do I find my balance in the face of adversity?

Life is not naturally a path of equanimity. We will often find the ground shifts beneath us in security of home, finances, social standing and love. Because it is meant to. It is through these unexpected shifts that throw us toward an imbalanced state that we learn how to shift back into balance, and even how to maintain our balanced state from the first initial tremors that threaten our equanimity.
In this session we will focus on various standing balances. Your goal will not be the balance itself, but your step-­by‐step process of creating and maintaining each balance.
We will progress step‐by­‐step from simple to more and more challenging balances. This process will not be just a physical process but, more importantly, a mental and emotional process.
The morning asana class will be the preparatory physical work for this class. From that preparation, in this session you will be able to direct more attention to your own mental and emotional waves. By doing this, you will begin to notice how your state of heart‐mind profoundly affects your physical state of balance.


06.10 Sunday
4 Asana+Talk: How to Create an Effective Home Practice

How can I create a home practice that actually supports my day-­to-­day life?

Daily home practice is an important and necessary part of the path of Yoga. In this session learn how to begin to create sequences for yourself at home that are interesting and effective. More importantly, learn how to practice at home. It is this lack of the knowledge of how that usually causes a home practice to become stagnant, boring and/or highly ineffective, and even sometimes to cause more harm than good.
This will be a session of both talk and asana as we pulsate between learning a few simple helpful methods and immediately putting them into practice.


06.10 Sunday
5 Meditation & Mantra: Upleveling Awareness

How can I live my life from the stance of true equanimity and freedom?

In the Yoga tradition, the practice that is considered the quintessential practice – the practice that is utterly indispensable – is meditation. Without turning our awareness inside via an authentically effective meditation practice, we will overlook a huge vast reservoir of creative potential. That storehouse of potential can be used to face the challenges we inevitably must face with equanimity and the feeling of freedom from any tension or stress from those problems.
In addition, it is from an effective method of meditation, practiced daily, that the power of mantra will then activate. In this session you will learn a simple, but very effective entry-­level practice of meditation, mantra and japa, the repetitive recitation of mantra.


06.10 Sunday
6 Philosophy: Useful Tools for Life Practice

How can I live a truly effective life?

Philosophy is an important part of the Yoga practice.
You will learn 2 life­‐enhancing teachings of Yoga philosophy that assist us in living our true path.

  1. Understanding your role in life.
  2. The nature of action.

This session will include open Question & Answer and discussion.


8 June , 2018 @ 7:00 pm
10 June , 2018 @ 4:30 pm
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Kimiko Kobayashi


2-10 Kandacho, Tarumi Ward
Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture 655-0027 Japan
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