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Entering The Heart Of Shiva as Taught in Blue Throat Yoga

Entering the Heart of Shiva (EHS) is the flagship course created by Paul Muller-Ortega, the founder of Blue Throat Yoga and teacher of the exquisite practice of Neelakantha Meditation. Paul first presented EHS in 2007, which I was privileged to join. I can still recall my amazement and delight at how profoundly powerful this course was for me. It was during my attendance in this course that my life path took several extraordinary turns, one of which was my relocation to Kyoto, Japan.

This course helped support and deepen my ongoing practice of Neelakantha Meditation. As well, this course gave me my first taste of the incredible array of foundational teachings of the non-dual Shaiva Tantra path of practice and study. The practices and teachings I learned became a wonderful toolbox of knowledge to use again and again. Those tools gave me increased capacity to face the inevitable challenges that arose on my life path. And I still use those tools today. For me, Entering the Heart of Shiva is an invaluable path of study and practice to learn how to embody the best aspects of ourselves and begin to body those aspects forth into all we do.

What does Entering the Heart of Shiva mean?

Entering the Heart of Shiva indicates a journey. This journey is not a relocation of our physical body from one place to another. It is instead a relocation of our awareness, of our mind itself. This relocation moves our awareness into the depths of our very own consciousness. Our consciousness is a vast space with extreme depths that are always present but often unknown. In the Entering the Heart of Shiva course, you will be guided along a systematic, step-by-step path of study and practice that will make that unknown not only known, but also understood.

This step-by-step path is the extraordinary path of non-dual Shaiva Tantra. This path will lead you into the extreme depths of your consciousness. Not just once, but over and over. Each time you will gain new insight and inspiration that will fuel your desire to continue to traverse this path. In Shaiva Tantra, the Heart is a metaphor for the innermost space of a person, of the universe as a whole, and even of the great expanse of reality as it exists in all points in space and time. In each of us, this Heart is the innermost space of our consciousness that is naturally and intrinsically connected to the Great Heart of all of existence. The Great Heart is the origin source point of every Heart. In the Shaiva Tantra, this Great Heart is given the name “Shiva.”

The Entering the Heart of Shiva course gives you a wide array of tools to more clearly experience and enter into contact with that Great Heart of Shiva that abides as your innermost self. You have more than likely already randomly touched into this space at some point in your life. Recall a time when you felt immersed in the experience of all-pervading peace, or joy, or bliss, or contentment. In that moment you experienced no fear, no anxiety, no anger, no despair, no suffering of any kind. You were experiencing the birthright of every human being.

And then it was gone, as suddenly as it came. Were you left with the imprint of a powerful feeling of complete freedom, a feeling as if life had no boundaries? Were you left with a yearning to experience this freedom again?

In the Shaiva Tantra, that feeling of complete freedom is called svatantra. Entering the Heart of Shiva is the entry path of the journey of return to that freedom. Not simply freedom as a random experience, but freedom as a continual state. What if you could truly abide in a place within yourself where your worries, fears and suffering dissolved?

The Great Heart is that place, and it has always been there inside us. The Great Heart is where we come into a deep relationship with the profound truth of this universe and our own personal truth. Our own personal truth is often termed our True Self or our Essential Nature. This is the part of us that has been overshadowed by our normal day-to-day life.

In the Entering the Heart of Shiva course, we begin to gain access to that deepest core True Self through the axiomatic teachings related to sādhanā, “sacred life practice.” Entering the Heart of Shiva is not simply an academic course, but a Life course. It is a course in which you will study ancient, time-honored texts, practices, and teachings that are sequenced to enliven and uplift your natural experience of life from the inside out. As you more and more turn attention and investigation inward, you will bit by bit discover that you are not only entering the Great Heart of Shiva within you, but also more and more living your life from that space of your innermost Essential Nature.

What do I receive in this Entering the Heart of Shiva course?

You will have access to a vast online study library, in which you will be able to listen to, read and download a large array of audio recordings and study documents.

You will also receive the Foundational Studies Sourcebook, written by Paul Muller-Ortega. This 143-page book is a veritable treasure trove of teachings. It contains 17 mantras for your personal practice and study. In addition, within this text you will also find translations of key pieces of extraordinary wisdom texts of the tradition, including Abhinavagupta`s Tantrasāra and Tantrāloka, the entire Pratyabhijñā-Hṛdayam of Kṣemarāja, and several dhāranās of the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra. This Sourcebook includes a 17-page glossary of Sanskrit words.

Course Content

Key Topics of Study
-The Theory of the Practice of Meditation
-Understanding the Power of Deep Meditation Practice in a Retreat Setting

-Central Teachings & Myths in the Yogic and Śaiva Tantric Traditions
-Extraordinary Liberative Knowledge of Tantra in Experiential & Theoretical modes

-The distinction between Householder and Renunciate modes of spiritual practice

-History and context of key differences between Classical Yoga & Śaiva Tantric Yoga

-Abhinavagupta, the great Tantric master of the Non-dual Śaiva traditions of Kashmir

Introduction to Foundational Śaiva Tantric Texts

Śiva Sūtras of Vasugupta

Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra – a key revealed text of Śaiva Tantra

Tantrāloka and Tantrasāra of Abhinavagupta

Pratyabhijñā-Hṛdayam of Kṣemarāja

Key Practices to Facilitate Your Deep Unfolding

Japa and chanting mantras of the Śaiva Tradition

Bhāvanā – The practice of eliciting deep and visionary insight

Svādhyāya – The study of sacred texts.

Regular Live Video Webinars – 12 in total
Study of pieces of Paul’s Previously Recorded Teleseminars
Individual & Group Course of Study
Vast Online Study Library
Original Translations & Expert Teachings
Guided Study & Practice Support 


$1,350 – Early Bird price, if deposit received by April 27

$1,550 – If deposit received after April 27

** Payment plans are available.

This Entering the Heart of Shiva course will take place from May to December of 2018. In this 8-month course you will deepen your knowledge of yourself and your connection to the life around you. You will begin to perceive the patterns your life has assembled itself into. And, you will become more able to disassemble the patterns that are hindering you in living your life as an expression of your svatantra nature, the capacity to expand your deep heart gifts into profound offerings of benefit to all beings.  

Video Conference Dates

All video conferences take place on a Sunday, 3:30-5:30 (JST) – go here to see your time zone.
8/5 & 19
9/9 & 23
10/7 & 28
12/9 & 23

If you have interest in participating in this course of study, and would like to register to join or have any questions, please email Mark at:

PLEASE NOTE: This course will be taught in English with Japanese translation. All course materials will be available in both languages.

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