Teacher Transformation Course

Be the transformation you wish to see in the world and in your students

For the third year in a row studio BiNDU will present a five-part 200 hr. RYT course for the yoga student now wishing to become a teacher of the ancient transformative science of Yoga. 
This course is known for the way it shifts the “teacher training” paradigm. 

Instead of simply giving technical knowledge to learn and practice, our vision is for a more cohesive approach to the presentation of the material so that the different aspects of a typical training: asana, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, etc. actually interweave in a way that you will clearly understand the connectivity that runs through the entire Yoga universe/practice as a whole. 

You will also receive methods and teachings that will allow you to transform that knowledge into an authentic living expression of your daily life. 

By doing this you will truly begin to teach as a teacher and not an instructor. In addition, the teachings will all coalesce around creating an authentic and powerful householder practice rooted in the teachings of Shaiva Tantra.


Course Content

Principles of Learning

Adhikara / Studentship

Asana / Hatha Yoga

Pranayama & Shatkarma

Mudra & Bandha

Meditation & Mantra

Systems of Body

Anatomy & Physiology (physical and energetic body)

Prevention & Treatment of Common Injuries

Vinyasa Krama / Sequencing

Observation & Communication

Use of Voice

Verbal & Physical Adjustments

How to Demonstrate a Pose


Teaching Styles

Yoga Philosophy

Sadhana as Life Practice

Samkalpa: Intention 

Seva: Teaching as Service



Business of Yoga


Course Dates for 2018-2019

Each part runs Saturday thru Tuesday

Part 1
June 2nd-5th 

Part 2
August 25th-28th 

Part 3
October 20th-23rd 

Part 4
December 15th-18th 


Part 5
February 9th-12th 

Part 6
April 27th-30th 

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