Are you ready to reach your next level of health, well-being and clarity?

Private sessions provide the individual attention you need to quickly deepen your practice.

Preventative maintenance

One of the primary reasons you may be seeking out Private Lessons is for preventative maintenance. A daily practice can go quite a long way toward lessening or eliminating your need to visit a physician, or enter a hospital.

It is well-documented that having a set routine of physical and mental practice in your daily schedule will cause you to become much more happier, energetic, clear, focused, and capable of doing your daily tasks in efficient and effective ways. 

A daily practice routine does not have to be complicated, complex or take you hours each day to complete. Whether you are working from your home, or working at a site outside of your living space, you more than likely do not have a whole lot of time to spend each day on taking care of yourself. 


This is a paradox inherent in living our life. We need to actively engage with our work each day to generate the financial security that our household depends on. 

Yet, if this is all you do, you are neglecting your own personal health needs. And you will soon become unable to effectively do your work. Frustration, irritability, fatigue, and dissatisfaction arise. You feel tired, stressed, and unhappy with your present life conditions.

We begin to question why we are doing what we are doing. But this question will not lead us to any immediate solutions. Instead, we need to focus on the HOW of what we are doing. 


Let me provide you with the HOW that you need. 


You are not alone. You need to change your story. Otherwise, over time, as you neglect your physical, mental and emotional needs, you will find that you have been building up storehouses of trauma inside you.


Healing TRAUMA

Every person on this planet is living with trauma of some sort. I believe that we are all capable of healing that trauma. In my experience, healing is a personal journey of excavation, discovery, confrontation and dispersal.  

Trauma exists on a wide spectrum, from mild to severe. Your trauma is uniquely yours. Even if it originates from a similar experience another person has had, like a car accident. Or, a group experience from the exact same source, such as co-workers all being laid off at the same time by their company.

We hold trauma in our body, mind and emotional core. Trauma almost always exists in all three. Because our bodies, minds and emotions are in constant communication with one another. As we experience pleasure or pain, anxiety or calm, sadness or joy, contentment or lack, confidence or unworthiness—or any of myriad feelings and sensations that can arise—we experience them as physical, mental and emotional sensations.


Your trauma and your healing journey, are uniquely yours.


I recognized this in myself long ago, as I went through my own unique healing journey. I saw the patterns of resistance in me to live freely and fully who I am. I have had many fantastic tools gifted to me by various great teachers. I have used these tools in the way I need to, when I need to. These tools have helped me:


  • To change feelings of meekness or weakness to courage 
  • To shift a depressive spiral into a spacious calm
  • To diffuse and dissolve irritation, frustration, anger, and even rage
  • To transform unworthiness or disheartenment into empowered action
  • To stop my negative-self talk critic dead in its tracks


In each change above, I went through a process of excavation, discovery, confrontation and dispersal. I used and still use a variety of tools to do this. Let me share those tools with you. I have the knowledge and experience. Not only with my own journey, but with that of hundreds of people I have assisted in this way.

I offer time tested and proven ways of releasing tension and stress that have taken up residence in our body, mind and emotional core. Whether your trauma is recent, or long held, I can help you gain more understanding about the why of your trauma and, with patience, we can unearth the source of that trauma to address it at its root.


It is only through the addressing of our trauma at its root that it can truly dissolve into something that no longer becomes a habitual obstacle to our happiness and contentment with who we are.  

Let me support you on your healing journey. 


A private environment offers you a safe, supportive space to address what you need most, now.

Custom Home Practice

One on one sessions give you flexibility for your personal schedule, and allow you to learn sequences of practice that can easily be added in to your schedule. 

Therapeutic Practice

Accelerate healing after injury—or gain increased freedom of movement and pain relief from ongoing conditions.

WHETHER YOU would like to learn a concise daily sequence of practice to maintain physical, mental and emotional health, or you seek to recover from a recent or longtime pain or injury, i can help you establish—and stick with—a daily home practice that will improve your overall health and support healing.

I took private lessons with Mark to address basic alignment issues and aching knees. Through his intelligent, unique teaching style, Mark provided a clear perspective on alignment that continues to set the foundation for my practice.

Jeff Mitchell


Yoga Nidra is a potent form of guided meditation done in shavasana.

This method cultivates profound awareness of the layers of the body-mind, while achieving a deep state of relaxation that restores your body, refreshes your mind and opens your heart. Schedule a Yoga Nidra session to remove mental clutter and reveal your essential nature.

“Mark shared with me the experience of gratitude and service, mindfulness, intention and focus, and showed me how to bring these qualities into a daily practice of conscious alignment, targeted flexibility, rooted self-adjustment, and the opening of my heart. For this I am beyond grateful.”
                                                       Bill Robberson


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