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Neelakantha Meditation Initiation Weekend (Kyoto, Japan)

日本語で全ての情報を知りたかったら、BTYJapan@gmail.comに連絡してください。 Access Your Untapped Potential! What is Initiation? Initiation is an ancient, time-tested way of passing on very powerful life-changing practices, and the theories behind those practices. Initiation is like a doorway through which a student is invited into the inner sanctum of practice and study of a mystical tradition that offers ways to investigate …

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Yoga Stops Traffick Charity Event! (Kyoto, Japan)

Slavery still exists in the world. Luckily, there are great organizations that are working hard to eradicate this. Yoga Stops Traffick is dedicated to bringing about the end of slavery of all types throughout the world. This two-hour class will be a full-on Yoga experience of chanting mantra, moving the body, refining the breath and absorbing awareness into the depths of consciousness via Tantric meditation.

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