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White Tiger Qigong Monthly Class Series – Medical Qigong for Overall Health (Kyoto, Japan)

Learn a daily practice to support a healthy body, mind and emotions. In this monthly class, you will learn a series of Medical Qi Gong exercises from the White Tiger Qigong school. This is a foundational sequence learned for maintaining the general physiological health of the body, and for preparing the body-mind for more complex …

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Qi Gong for Strengthening the Immune System to Cope Well with the Hot & Humid Summer Season (Kyoto, Japan)

Keep cool and refreshed during the hot and steamy summer with simple movement and self-care practices. 日本語で情報を見るために、こちらにご覧ください。 Summer and late summer is the time of year in Japan when the temperatures rise to sweltering and the rain falls often. In Chinese Medicine these seasonal patterns make us more susceptible to the pathogens of heat and …

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Qi Gong and Acupressure to Support Healthy Digestion and Decision Making (Kyoto, Japan)

Improve digestion to strengthen your brain power! 日本語でこちらに行ってください。 Our digestive system is often referred to as our “second brain,” because it is intimately connected to the brain. This connection is of great benefit, as it allows communication from the digestive system to the brain to happen instantaneously. However, when our digestive system is in an …

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